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Gift with warranty from Henry de Sidenhale of Toneworth' to John Folwode of the same of a field called Haylefeld as circumscribed by hedges and ditches in Toneworth' lying in length and breadth between the land of John de Wynterton', Thomas Ede, John Judden and the highway called le Longlone, also another field called Hockelowe in Toneworth as circumscribed by hedges and ditches lying in breadth between land lately belonging to Thomas Haylles and land lately belonging to Thomas Colines and in length between two highways, the road leading from Toneworth' to Warrewyk' and the other one similarly; to hold from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Sealing clause. Dated at Toneworth', Sunday after the feast of St Michael the Archangel, 39 Edward III. Witnesses: Thomas le Archer, Thomas atte Berne, John Creuleye, John Ilshawe, Thomas Colynes and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., within a cusped decorated border a shield fess between two crescents. Legend: X sigillum Henrice de Sidenhale Latin, Parchment 11 x 2.75 ins.