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Aspley in Tanworth


Agreement and Counterpart, Juliana le Cotes of Norton Regis [ Kings Norton, Birmingham] to Henry de Sidenhale of Toneworth' of a tenement with appurtenances in Aspeleye called le Cokeslond, the said Henry was to implead the tenants of the same land at his own cost in whatever way he thought best so that the said Juliana and her heirs after the death of the said Juliana might and would be [bound] to the plan and consent of the said Henry during the whole period of the said suit until the said land will have been recovered or acquired and continuing to the day and place wherever and whenever they will have been.... By the said Henry or another in his name at the cost of the said Henry. And if it happened that the said lands and appurtenances were recovered by the said Henry by law or any other means then the said Juliana for herself and her heirs would make the said Henry as secure concerning the said lands to himself and his heirs for ever as the said Henry should think fit according to his advice, and that the said Henry should pay the said Juliana for right of admittance to the said tenement 12 marks in gold or silver. Both parties being bound to perform the same in the penal sum of £10 to be paid at Toneworth within one month of the recovery of the said lands. Sealing clause. Given at Aspeleye, Sunday next after the fest of All Saints, 42 Edward III. Witnesses: John Folewode, John Creweleye, Robert atte Halle, William Oldenhale, John Cullecuppe and others. Circular seal of brown wax on tag, 3/4 in, On a shield a lion rampant, the shield within a decorated border. Legend: Sigillum Henrici de Sidenhale. Latin, parchment, 10.75 x 5.5 ins. Indented Slightly damaged by worms.