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Tanworth, Overtown or Cole Orton Saucey


Agreement with warranty between Margaret, widow of Thomas Archer of Toneworth' and Thomas Archer, her son, that, whereas the said Margaret had leased to the said Thomas for the term of her life all lands, tenements, rents, services and profits which she held by gift of the said Thomas in Toneworth' and in Overton sause co. leycestre, excepting the rooms and apartments leading up from the hall at Toneworth', with free entry and exit of the same, on condition that the said Thomas should pay the said Margaret 12 marks annually in gold or silver [ 2 terms], the said Margaret was to have the right if she wished to eat at the table of the said Thomas together with one serving woman for which she was to allow the said Thomas five marks annually [ 2 terms] but otherwise the said Thomas was to pay the said Margaret the said annual sum of 12 marks; the said Thomas was to acquit the said Margaret from all payments and charges on the said land due to the king or the chief lords of the fee; the said Thomas was also to provide hay, grass and shelter for one horse belonging to the said Margaret; and if the said rent was unpaid for 4 weeks after the said terms the said Margaret had right of re-entry and to hold the said property for the term of her life. Dated at Toneworth, Sunday after the feast of the Annunciation of Our Lady, 50 Edward III. Witnesses: Walter Clebury, Richard Mountford, Henry de Sydenhal', John de Folewode, Thomas atte Berne and others. Endorsed: [15th cent] Endter Endowement' de Margaret' nuper uxore Thomas l'archer senioris Anglo-Norman, parchment, 11.75 x 6.5 ins.