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Tanworth, Overtown or Cole Orton Saucey in Cole Orton, Co Leics.


Demise for life from Thomas le Archer to Margaret , widow of Thomas Archer of Toneworth', mother of the said Thomas le Archer, of All the rooms and apartments going up from the hall and the room of the chapel, half of two granges, one stable and one oxstall through the gate with the half of a kitchen with free entry and exit, half of a field called Dounescroft with a parcel of meadow, half of a moor called Eskulle, a meadow called Rowemedwewith with a parcel of alnd called Blakemor', a parcel of land called Brounesundig' with the meadow and moor called Acresgrove, a parcel of land called Wetehedyerche, a parcel of land called Stockynge, a parecel of land called Apultonne seueral, one parcel of land called Schepcorefeld, one field called Maytur-Williamus heth, one field called Wyndemulle felde as it is divided, the little Hethcroft, the great Hethcorft, one close called Cowleswe, one field called Joh Hubbon and Walrones with the meadow, half of the grove called Wodelond', a parcel of land lying in a field called Pyryhull' lying between the high road on the one hand and Symkynes grove on the other, half of the big field called Mewelond' with the meadow as it is divided, half of the two groves called Longcroftes Grove, half of a field called Clercuslond' with all the profits of the said field with all hedges, woods and profits belonging to the said lands. Also all the rent, services, reversions, rights, with all manner of profit and manorial rights due to the said Thomas from Richard Mountefort, John Helise, Richard Rossel, Richard Gower, John Waryng' for the tenement of Bronestone Chesewyk', from Katherine Krowenhal', John Wyntertone, Henry Berkswell', John Eliott the elder, John de Folwode son of William Folwode, Richard Dolfyn son of John Dolfyn, Houndi de Halle, Richard Colynes, William Mon, Edmond Myddylmor, John de Lone, Henry de Sydenhall', John Dolfyn son of John Dolfyn. Also divers rents from John Folwode for the tenement of Beaumond' with all the services and profits and from Richard Broun, John Kreweleye, Richard de Stapeltone, John Tomelotus which were due to the said Thomas and his heirs from the said persons for lands and tenements held by them from him in Toneworth. The said Thomas also granted to the said Margaret for the term of her life half of the lands, tenements,rents, services with appurtenances which he held in Ouertone Sause, co Leycestre. To hold the same for the term of her life for the service of one flowering rose on the feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist in lieu of all services to the King and the chief lord of the fee, warranty clause, sealing clause. Given at Toneworth', Monday next before the feast of the Annunciation of Our Lady, 50 Edward III. Witnesses: Walter Clobury, Richard Montefort, Henry de Sydenhall', John de Folwode, Thomas atte Berne and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3.4 in. On a shield a chevron between three mullets. Legend * S'WALTERI DE CLEBURI Rush stem entwined round seal tag. Anglo-Norman, Parchment, 14.125 x 7.75 ins. Indented. Slightly damaged by rodents.