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Mortgage ? defeasance, from William Wolf of Couentre and Thomas Hore of Elmedon to Thomas Archer of Toneworth'. Whereas the said Thomas Archer had granted to the said William Wolf and Thomas Hore 15s 10d with appurtenances in Monkespathe within the manor of Toneworth' as defined in the said charter, the said William and Thomas agreed that if the said Thomas Archer or his assigns paid to John Waryng' 8 marks within 2 years after the date of this present charter the said grant would be void but otherwise stand in full force. Sealing clause. Given at Toneworth', Monday next after the feast of the Translation of St Thomas the Martyr, 9 Richard II. Witnesses: John de Fulwode, Thomas atte Berne, John Dolfyn, John Elesshaw, Thomas Colyns and others. Broad tag slit to take 2 seals; 1, circular seal of red wax, 1 in, Within an oval decorated panel a bulls head, legend: X Sigillum Iohannis Waryn. 2, circular seal of black wax, 1/2 in. The letter R with a sprig of foliage. Latin, parchment, 10.5 x 3 ins.