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Lease for three lives with warranty from John Foulewode of Toneworthe, Thomas atte Berne, John Warynge and Thomas Colyns of the same to Roger Symondes of the same, Margaret his wife and William their son of lands and tenements with messuages, fishpools and meadows which the lessors held by the gift and feoffment lately of henry Dolphin of Toneworth' in Toneworth' as they were defined and bounded; to hold for their lives and the last surviving one of them freely except for hausbote and haybote, rendering annually 13 shillings and 4 pence rent [2 terms] in lieu of all services except a chief heriot on the death of the said Roger and due and customary service on behalf of the lessors to the chief lords of the fee; the said lessors to have right of distraint if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears beyond one month of any of the said terms and the right to re-enter the said property within six weeks if no satisfactory distraint could be found. Dtaed at Toneworth', Sunday after the feast of St Mathew' the Apostle, 13 Richard II. Witnesses: Thomas le Archer, John Croweleye, John atte Lee and others. Circular seal of natural wax on tag, 1 in., a bull's head caboshed with an oval decorated panel. Circular seal of red wax on same tag, a shield defaced. Circular seal of natural wax on tag, 3/4 in. Endorsed: [early 16th cent] C Ton' Latin, parchment, 10.5 x 6.25 ins., indented.