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Lease for the lives of the lessees with warranty from Lady Rose Montiforte, lady of Codbarwe, to David Flecher' of Thoneworth' and his wife of a messuage with adjacent curilage and three crofts called Selleplase in Thoneworth' as it is enclosed by hedges; to hold for the term of their lives rendering annually to the said Lady Rose 7 shillings and 6 pence, to be paid at the feasts of the Purification of the Blessed Mary, the Nativity of St John the Baptist and St Michael Archangel, heriot to be paid on the death of the said David and his wife, and in addition rendering two suits of court annually on behalf of the said Rose at the court of Hendleye; The said Rose to have right of distraint if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears one month beyond the said terms and the right of re-entry if beyond six weeks of the said terms; the said David to maintain the houses of the said messuage in good repair as often as was necessary, but the said Rose to assist with timber for the building of new houses; the said David was not to cut or fell any trees without the permission of the said Rose except underrwoods and twigs and little branches of oak and other trees. Dated at Thoneworth', 14 Richard II. Witnesses: Thomas Archer, Mathew Caus, Edward Seel and others. Endorsed: [early 16th cent] Carta Rosea Momfotte Ton' Latin, parchment, 12.5 x 5 ins.