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Whereas John Fulwod of Toneworth brought an assize of novel disseisin concerning land in Toneworth' called Hethelond against William Dorley, Joan who was the wife of Thomas Fulwode and Esmond Midelmor and the case continued under the same writ until the said parties placed themselves under arbitration i.e. ? Dom William Spernoze and Peter de Hoult on behalf of the said John and Thomas Sheldon of Bermyngeham and Ralph Rychardes of Bromwych on behalf of the said William, Joan and Esmond who gave their judgement at Warwyk on Monday in aster week, 7 Richard II [11 April 1384] that if the said John Fulwod was able to bring with him 11 men from Toneworth on the following Sunday who were ready to swear with him that Thomas Fulwod the elder had no other estate in the lands under the said assize except for the term of his life which he enfeoffed to the said Esmund and others, the the said John would have livery of the said lands together with all the charters and muniments relating to them, but if not the said William Joan and Esmund would be adjudged to hold the said lands to them and their lives without impeachment from the said John or his heirs. Therefore on the following Sunday [17 April 1384] the said John Fulwod and 11 men from Toneworth, namely John atte Lee, Richard Couerne, John Densy, John Seel, Mathew de Caus, John atte Sponne, John Dolfyn the younger, Richard Dolfyn, Adam atte Watre, Richard Pratte, John Ra'ase came to the church of Toneworth and there with the consent of the parties and in the prescence of the artibrators stated on their oath that the said Thomas Fulwod for a long time before he made the said feoffemnt was seized of the said land in his demesne as of fee and right. He had issue Thomas his son and enfeoffed the said land to John vicar of the church of Bysshepesdon and Thomas Aldebury and to their heirs and assigns for all time [ see EdIII no 166] who then leased the said land to the said Thomas the father for life with remainder to Thomas his son and his heirs in fee simple. Then Thomas the son died and Thomas the father surreptitiously alienated the said land to the said Esmond and others in fee simple, upon which which the said John Fulwod, cousin and heir to the said Thomas Fulwod the son i.e. son of William brother of Thomas the father, viewing this alienation to be his disinheritance entered and was seized for 40 days until dispossessed by the said William Dorley, Joan and Esmond. To affirm this verdict one John Croweley swore on his oath that he wrote the said charter by which the said John the vicar and Thomas Aldebury made an estate in the aforesaid manner, and the said Thomas Aldebury swore in the same manner that he made livery as aforesaid. In witness whereof the arbitrators, the 11 men and the said John Croweley and Thomas Aldebury put their seals to the present writing. Given at Toneworth', the Sunday following the Monday in Easter week, 7 Richard II. Seals; 6 tags for 15 seals, nos 1 and 6 for 2 seals, and nos 2 -5 for 3 seals, placed in tandem ? on each tag. 1, Circular seal of red wax 1/2 in, device obscure, 2, missing, traces of red wax, 3, Circular seal of red wax incomplete, 3/4 in, Madonna and Child within a gothic shaped panel. 4, as 3. 5, missing, portion of tag and seal. 6, Circular seal of red wax, 3/4 in, Eagle displayed with wings inverted, legend obscure. 7, missing, traces of red wax. 8, fragments of red wax. 9, fragments of red wax. 10, fragments of red wax. 11, missing. 12, Circular seal of red wax, incomplete, 3/4 in, on a shield,/ crusily a bend, legend obscure. 13, a better impression of no 6. 14, missing, traces of red wax. 15, missing, portion of tag and seal. Endorsed: [in the hand of William Hamper c 1814] T Anglo-Norman, parchment, 10.75 x 11.75 ins.