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Mason Family;Lease, Mason to Taylor


Lease for 21 years for the annual rent of £25 between Nathanial Mason of Stratford upon Avon, gentleman and Obediah Taylor of Stratford upon Avon, chapman. Property: three tenements in Southams Lane, Old Stratford, one in the posession of John Hopkins, one in the posession of John Richardson and the other late in the posession of William Rudge, and barn and three bays adjoining on the north end of the said tenements and a close of four acres lying on the west side of the said tenements being a cherry orchard planted with cherry trees, gooseberry trees and curran trees now in the posession of Obediah Taylor, with all rights except to the timber and trees on the premises which are reserved to Nathaniel Mason. Conditions: Rights of posession if rent is overdue by 20 days. Obediah Taylor to maintain the orchard and tenements and mounds belonging to the orchard (except the mud walls) also the hedges. William Taylor to maintain, nourish and cherish all the trees in the arbour to Thomas Burman's wall and to replace with similar kind. Access to Nathaniel Mason and anyone they take with them to enjoy the orchard without the consent of Mason. Signed by Obediah Taylor (by mark) and witnessed by John Huckett and Thomas Capp. Memorandum: Obediah Taylor agreed to pay and extra rent of £5 per acre should he convert any of the orchard to tillage dated 11th October 1706.