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Mason Family; Lease for 21 Years, Mason to Smith


Lease for 21 years at an annual rental of £174 between Catherine Mason of Stratford upon Avon, widow of Thomas Mason on the first part and Timothy Smith of Stratford upon Avon on the second part. Property: Property: eight parcells of land lately enclosed lying in Old Stratford near the town and known as (1) Cox's piece containing 8 acres; (2) Cox's peace containing 9 acres; (3) First meadow containing 9 acres; (4) second meadow containing 10 acres; (5) First Forty Lands containing 11 acres; (6) Second Forty Lands containing 11 acres; (7) Slowhill containing 15 acres; (8) Slowhill Meadow containing 2 acres and Richyard, cart stable, great barn and back and yard adjoining, being near a Farmhouse at Stratford late in the posession of William Manison, deceased and five other pieces enclosed ground in Clopton known as Longley Grounds being 35 acres with barn, stables an yard thereon late in the tenure of said William Manison, except a reservation to Thomas Mason and heirs of all timber trees, maiden trees, fruit trees (but not fruit), underwoods, stones…. 154