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Mason Family; Deed to Entail Fine


Deed to entail the lead to the uses of a fine between John Wright of Claybrook Magna, Leicestershire, gentleman and Martha his wife on the fiest part, Catherine Wright and Elizabeth Wright of the same, spinsters and daughters of the above on the second part and Thomas Mason of Stratford upon Avon on the thired part. Regarding the intended marriage between Catherine Wright and Thomas Mason to ban uses limited and enable new settlement of those lands and such since acquired by John Wright. In order to re-settle premises and to secure two separate annuities of £30 payable to Martha Wright out of two separate moieties of the estate to be settled in each of the two daughters agreed that all premises computed in 1734 since purchase by John Wright should be subject to uses and limitations as follows. [fine having been levied by all Wight in favour of named trustees].