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Miscellaneous clients: Slatter, Son and More, Stratford-upon-Avon


Original will of Alfred Bennett Smith, Stratford-upon-Avon, confectioner. Appoints son Alfred Bennett Smith, with Frederick Arthur Ball, Stratford-upon-Avon, engineer, as executors. £100 each to sons Alfred Bennett Smith, Arthur John Smith and wife Julia Ellen Smith who also received all personal estate, excluding stock-in-trade. Confectioner's and bakers business to son Alfred Bennett Smith. £100 and all real estate, including sums due upon mortgage, to executors in trust to let house in Chapel Street and pay income to wife for life, and invest £1000 to pay income to wife for life. After her death, real estate in Chapel and Ely Streets to son Alfred Bennett Smith absolutely; real estate in Old Town and Bull Street to be let and income, together with income from £100, to be paid to daughter Mabel Lyne for life with remainder to her husband William Gladstone Lyne for life then property and capital sum to be divided equally between children of Mabel and William at 21. Premises in High Street to be let and income paid to daughter Clara Booth for life, with remainder to her husband Victor George Booth for life, with ultimate remainder to their children equally; income from real estate on Alcester Road, after death of wife, to Frieda Kathleen Smith, wife of testator's son Arthur John Smith, for life, with remainder equally among her children