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Gift with warranty from John de Suanesdich of Thaneworth' to Master William le Archer clerk of a meadow in Thaneworth' lying between the land which Walter called Gilbert once held and the heath of Thaneworth' in length and between the grantor's land and the land which John son of Roger Schil once held in breadth; to hold the same rendering annually one farthing at Easter; and for this the said William gives 10 shillings. Witnesses: John le Archer, Richard de Folewod', John Wodart, William de Cherlecot', Richard Wiston, William Bron, Nicholas de Suanesdich and others. Fragment of oval seal in natural wax on tag. Device missing. Legend: S' IOH--- Endorsed: i) Johannes de Suandich' dedit magistro Willelmo Archer pratum iacens inter Walterum Gilb' et brueram et terram dicti Johannis et terram quondam Johannis filii Rogeri Skyll' reddendo per annum quadrantem in festo Pasche predicto J. de S. ii) Schefferente Latin, parchment, 71/4 x 3 ins.