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Lease with warranty from Margery widow of John le Archer and John her son to Master William le Archer of an annual rent of 20 shillings, payable at the two usual terms in Thoneworth'; namely from Robert son of Walter 5 shillings, from John de la Borne 4 shillings, from John Lynet 4 shillings, from Dom William chaplain 4 shillings, from Henry de la Sponne 2 shillings and from himself (de se ipso) 12 pence; to hold the same from the feast of the Annunciation 28 Edward I for three years. Dated at Thoneworth' Friday after the feast of St Nicholas 28 Edward I. Two tags, seals lost. Endorsed: i) In the thyrd rolle ii) Of ys ys drawn iii) Carta redditus de diversis tenentibus in Toneworth' facta per Margeriam que fuit uxor Johannis Archer et per Johannem filium suum et heredem magistro Willelmo le Archer anno Edwardi primi xxviiio iv) Carta redditus xxd percipiendi de tenentibus infra scriptis facta per Margeriam nuper uxorem Johannis Archer et Johannem filium et heredem magistro Willelmo le Archer in Toneworth', anno Edwardi primi xxviii Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 2 ins.