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Gift with warranty from Thomas Elyot of Toneworth' to Robert de Sydinhale of a piece of land outside the manor (in forinseco loco) at Yevelesauwe Slade, as it is enclosed by hedges and ditches, towards the highway leading towards Henl' on one side and the land of Thomas de Yvelesaue on the other; to hold the same, with marlpit and water, of the chief lord of the fee for the service of a rose at the feast of St John the Baptist. Dated at Toneworth', Sunday next before the feast of St Nicholas 30 Edward I. Witnesses: Robert de Crowehale, Richard Gerin, Robert ate Fenne, Henry de Yerdel', Thomas de Yvelesaue, Geoffrey le Flecchere and others. Fragmentary white seal on tag. Endorsed: Carta Roberti de Sidenhale facta per Thomam Elyot de una placea terre etc. anno regis Edwardi filii regis Henrici xxxmo Latin, parchment, 53/4 x 4 ins.