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Gift with warranty from Robert de Sidenhale of Taneworth' to Agnes daughter of Nicholas de Lysterley of the same of a piece of land in Taneworth' lying between the land of Richard Gerin and the highway, and extending in length from the land of Henry de Yerdeley as far as the road leading towards the house of Richard Gerin; to hold the same rendering annually 12 pence (2 terms), and at the feast of St. John the Baptist a red rose; and should the said Agnes die without legitimate heirs then the said land to revert to the grantor. Witnesses: John Wodard, Robert de Folewode, William de Belne, Roger Gerin, John the clerk and others. Dated at Taneworth', Monday next after the feast of St Valentine 4 (? 5) Edward IV. Seal on tag, circular in natural wax. Device and legend obscure. Endorsed: Carta Agnetis filie Nicholai de Listerlegh Latin, parchment, 81/2 x 5 ins., indented. 15 Feb 1310/1311 (? 21 Feb 1311/1312