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Quitclaim from Agnes daughter of Roger atte Berne of Thoneworth' widow of Thomas le Rydere of Chestertone to Robert de Sydenhale of Thoneworth' of all her right in a messuage and land which she had in Thoneworth' at Fenschawe by the demise of Roger atte Berne her father; with the further gift of that part of a messuage and arable land which Edith widow of William atte Berne of Thoneworth' holds in the said vill and which should revert to the grantor on the death of the said Edith. Witnesses: John de Bartone, William de Folewode, John de la Lee, Simon le Archer, Richard Aleyn clerk and others. Dated at Thoneworth' Sunday next after Holy Trinity 7 Edward II. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Quieta clamantia Agnetis atte Berne. Latin, parchment, 91/2 x 31/2 ins.