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Lease with warranty from Adam de Bokemor of Thoneworth' to William Hawys of Norton' Kynges of a part of the grantor's house from the lower partition (pariete inferiori) with a curtilage extending in length from the said house to the land of Adam Hoges and lying in breadth between the land of Leticia Dolfyn and the highway leading from the house of Robert de Sydenhale towards the wood of the earl of Warwick; to hold the same for life rendering annually a farthing at Michaelmas. Witnesses: William de Belne, Ranulph de Molendino, Robert de Folewod', John Dolfyn, William Rud and others. Dated at Thoneworth', Sunday next after the feast of St Alphege, 9 Edward II. Tag, seal lost. Latin, parchment, 81/2 x 21/2 ins.