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Tanworth, Ullenhall in


Gift with warranty from Alice Herbard of Thoneworth', widow, to Idonea her daughter of her land in Le Saweyereslond'; also her meadow in Le Stonicroft, and land in Le Brocfelde with a certain meadow called Wydehawinges lying at one head; also a parcel of land lying in Le Brocfeld' between the land of Henry Thomelot and Somerfordelone, which John de la Bache of Thoneworth' held for the grantor's life; all which land is situated in Olenhale; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Henry Thomelot of Thoneworth', John de Botteley of Olenh', Robert de Cymiterio of the same, Roger Molendon', William Herbard of Thoneworth' and others. Dated at Olenh', Sunday next after the feast of St Gregory the Pope, 10 Edward II. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Sawarland Latin, parchment, 83/4 x 41/2 ins.