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Gift with warranty from Richard son of Simon Prat of Thoneworth' to Robert de Sydenhale of the same of a parcel of parkland (vivarii) which he had by the demise and feoffment of Edith daughter of Roger atte Berne in Thoneworth' lying next the highway leading from the house of Henry de Sydenhale towards the church of Thoneworth'; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee rendering annually a clove of gilly-flower at the feast of the Annunciation. Witnesses: Robert de Folewode, Richard Geryn, Robert de Crowenhale, Thomas de Val, Henry de Yerdeleye and others. Dated at Thoneworth', Sunday next after the feast of the translation of St. Thomas, 13 Edward II. Seal on tag, circular, white; as in DR 37/1/408. Endorsed: Ricardi Prat. Latin, parchment, 9 x 31/2 ins.