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Quitclaim with warranty from Roger son and heir of Simon le Archer and Alice his wife of Toneworthe to Simon le Archer his brother of all his right in all the lands, tenements and rents which the said Simon had by the gift of the said Simon his father and Alice his wife in Toneworthe and Solyhul, and which after their death should descend to the grantor. Witnesses: John le Archer, William de Folwode, John de Barton', John de Lee, William Wodard, Robert de Folwode and others. Dated at Toneworthe, Saturday next after the feast of the Assumption, 18 Edward II. Seal on tag, circular in natural wax, defaced. ?Two facing heads. Legend: Indecipherable. Endorsed: Roger Archer Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 33/4 ins.