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Fifteenth century copy of gift with warranty from Richard Wyston of Toneworthe to Thomas his son of a piece of land with a grange upon it, and an adjacent curtilage, lying in Toneworthe, with a cattleshed, and sheepfold and all liberties and easements pertaining to the said land; also the land called Marleputfeld, the land called 'ye feld a forn ye done', the land called Moreschartecrofte, the land called 'ye nether schortecrofte', two lands called Morenewelonde and Lassenewelonde, land called Swandyche, a grove called Watmor, and an enclosed meadow called Schortcroftesmedewe; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee, rendering annually 7 shillings (2 terms). Witnesses: Robert de Crowenhale, John Barton, John Archer, William de Folewode, Richard atte Berne, Thomas de le Vaale et others. Latin, paper, 9 x 61/4 ins.