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Indenture dated 14th February 1853 between Thomas Loach of Snitterfield labourer of the 1st part, William Goode of Snitterfield yeoman of the 2nd part and Thomas Heritage of Stratford-upon-Avon builder of the 3rd part whereby a piece of land at Snitterfield bounded on the North West side by the Public Road called The Green, on the South East side by the Brook, on the North East side by property of the said Thomas Loach and on the South West side by property of Henry Smith esquire, containing in length 6 yards and in depth 5 yards and in the whole 30 square yards was conveyed by Thomas Loach to William Goode in consideration of £7. Signed Thomas Loach (by his mark) and William Goode. Red stamp seal. Witnessed by J. E. H. Greves solicitor Stratford-upon-Avon.