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Agreement between Henry son of Henry de Sydenhale of Toneworthe and William son of Simon Abel' of the same that, whereas the said William enfeoffed the said Henry of all his lands and tenements which belonged to his father in the said vill [DR 37/1/433], and by these presents quitclaims the same to the said Henry, the said Henry, his heirs and assigns, will acknowledge that the said property remains charged with six strikes of corn, six strikes of rye, one quarter of maslin and two strikes of oats to be paid annually to the William for life; and in case of default the said William shall have the right to re-enter the said premises. Witnesses: John de ?Dene, William de Sydenhale, Henry atte Chircheyart, William Hererwart, William Abel and others. Dated at Toneworthe, Friday in the feast of St Katherine, 17 Edward II. Tag, seal lost. Latin, parchment, 91/4 x 3 ins., indented.