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Gift with warranty from William son of Simon Abel of Thaneworth' to Henry son of Henry de Sidenhale of the same of all the lands and tenements which descended to the grantor on the death of his father and also his reversionary interest in the messuages, lands, rents, meadows and pastures, which Juliana, widow of Simon, the grantor's father, holds for life; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: William de Sydenhale, William Abel, Simon de Middelmor, William Herbard, John Tybrai and others. Dated at Thaneworth' Monday next after the feast of St Martin, 17 Edward II. Seal on tag, circular, green. Endorsed: Stat by Abell' to Sydnall' Latin, parchment, 91/2 x 21/2 ins.