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Gift with warranty from Henry Diboun of Coventr' to John Larcher of Thaneworthe of a tenement in Thaneworthe; to hold the same, with reliefs, houses, curtilages, pools and hedges etc. of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Simon Larcher, William Folwode, John de Bartone, John ate Lee, Robert de Folwode and many others. Dated at Rysle, Sunday on the eve of the Translation of St Thomas the Martyr, 19 Edward II. Seal on tag, circular, brown. An eagle preying on a rabbit. Legend: S' IOH' IS DE Endorsed: Carta Johannis Archer de tenemento Henrici de Donne de Coventr', cheffe, anno E. ii xix, Tonworth. Latin, parchment, 8 x 21/2 ins.