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Lease with warranty from William son of Robert de Folewode of Toneworth' to Juliana and Christiana de la Felde of Norton' Regis of a cottage with curtilage in Toneworth' lying between the land of Thomas atte Heze and the highway leading from Withlakesfeld towards the wood of the Earl [of Warwick]; to hold the same for their lives rendering annually 12 pence (2 terms), and a heriot after the death of the longer liver of them. Witnesses: Robert de Folewode, Thomas Gereyn, William de Belne, Richard atte Mulne, John Dousesone and others. Dated at Toneworth', Friday in the feast of St Michael 3 Edward III Two tags, seal i lost, seal ii, circular, white. ? A bird. Latin, parcment, 81/2 x 41/4 ins., indented.