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Quitclaim from Walter son of John Wodard of Toneworth' to John de Stanforde and Joan his wife of all his right in a field in Toneworth' called Hutyngwyk' lying in width between the lands of Robert de Fulewode and William le Archer on one side and the lands which Simon the reeve and Thomas Tove hold on the other, and extending in length from the highway, leading from the church of Toneworth' towards the houses of Robert de Fulewode, as far as the highway leading from the house of Roger Austyn towards the houses of Thomas Dolfyn. Witnesses: Walter de Morcote, Benedict his son, Simon Hervy of Berkeswelle, William Wodard, Henry de Sydenhale, Robert de Fulewode, Adam Geryn of Toneworth' and others. Dated at Berkeswelle, Sunday next after the feast of the Assumption, 4 Edward III. Circular seal in natural wax on tag, defaced. Endorsed: Hutyngvyk', Tonvorthe Latin, parchment, 10 x 43/4 ins.