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Gift with warranty from John atte Brok' of Thoneworthe to Simon del Hethe of the same, for 10 shillings, of an annual rent of 20 pence to be received at two terms from a piece of land called le Hetfeld' which Walter son of Walter Broun held of the grantor in Thoneworthe; to hold the same with rights of lordship over the said land, i.e. wardships, reliefs, and escheats, and with the service which the said Walter was accustomed to render, with right to distrain if necessary. Witnesses: Nicholas de Swanesdich, Geoffrey Elys, Walter Hereward, Roger Fabro, Simon de Middelmor and others. Dated at Thoneworthe, Sunday next before the feast of St Barnabas, 24 Edward I. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Hethcroft Latin, parchment, 8 x 31/4 ins.