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Lease and quitclaim from Henry du Lee of Taneworthe to William Mallore of Botteleie of the mill of Lee and an adjoining meadow called le Brocmedewe which the said William holds for the term of his life and for twelve years afterwards; on condition that the said Henry pays to the said William 20 shillings on the feast of St Martin next following, or, in case of default, that the lands should revert to the said William and his heirs for ever. Witnesses: Sir John de Someri, Sir John de Lodbrok, Richard de Folwode, John le Archer, Richard de Asteleye, Robert del Cimitere of Olunhale, Thomas Ranon of Tachebroc Leveke and Sir Richard le Vikere of the same. Dated at Tachebroc, Sunday next after the feast of St Peter ad Vincula, 31 Edward I. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Endentura de [....] enter Willelmum Mallor' et Henricum de Lee de molendino de Lee at Brokmedwe. French, parchment, 6 x 8 ins., indented.