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Gift with warranty from John son of Walter Broun to Amicia widow of Walter Broun his mother of two pieces of land in Toneworthe, called Calvedenelond and le Broclond, as they are enclosed with hedges and ditches; to hold the same to the said Amicia for life rendering annually to the grantor for his life half a mark (2 terms), and to the chief lord due and customary service; and after the death of the said Amicia the said land to revert to Walter the grantor's brother for the same rent and service; and should the said Walter outlive the grantor then he will be quit of the payment of the said half mark; and after his death the said land to revert to the grantor and his heirs. Witnesses: Henry de Sydenhale, John Wodard, John le Archer, Simon le Archer, William de Belne and others. Dated at Toneworthe, Monday in the feast of St Augustine, 8 Edward II. Tag and seal lost. Endorsed: C. BornI, Tonworth Latin, parchment, 9 x 51/2 ins.