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Gift and quitclaim from Robert son of William de Ullenhal' to John le Archer of Toneworth' of all manner of right and lordship in lands, meadows, woods, feedings, pastures, waters, ways, paths, rents and suits of court with wardships, reliefs, homages, escheats and heriots in Toneworth', according to a charter in the possession of the said John; for this the said John gives 40 marks and a robe for the use of the said Robert with a new saddle (cella) from his stock (secta), and a robe for the use of Margery wife of the said Robert from the stock of cloth and fur of the wife of the said John, to be paid in the court of the said Robert as follows: at the feast of St Peter ad Vincula 1282, 5 marks; at Michaelmas following, 21/2 marks with the two robes and the saddle; at Christmas following 21/2 marks; at the feast of the Purification 21/2 marks; and at Easter 1283, 21/2 marks; with similar payments on the same feast days until Easter 1284, with final payments of 5 marks apiece on the eve of the Ascension and the feast of St Peter ad Vincula 1284. Security clauses in case of breach of faith. Witnesses: Sir John de Lodbrok, William de Barnevil', Richard de Folewood', John Wodard', William de Ronshull', Thomas de la Lee, Henry de Ullenhal' and others. Dated: 7 Kalends of June 1282. Seal on tag, a pointed oval, green. A sheaf of corn. Legend: S' ROB' FIL' WILL' D' OLENH'. Endorsed: Copied Latin, parchment, 61/2 x 43/4 ins., indented