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Gift with warranty from John son of John le Archer of Tanewrth' to William son of Richard Herbert, for homage and service, of a furlong with meadow and hedges called Womberhul, and two acres of land lying in width between the land which William Brun held and the land which Roger Herbert held called Wertheswrthe and extending in length from the land of Nicholas de Slouh as far as the meadow called le Rowemedewe; to hold the same rendering annually 2 shillings (2 terms); and for this the said William gives 100 shillings. Witnesses: William de Barnevile, Richard de Folewod', John Wodard, Thomas de Lee, Roger Herbert', Walter Brun, Roger Pavi and others. Small fragments of seal on tag. Endorsed: i) Of the forthe rolle ii) Carta Ricardi Herbert de quadam cultura cum prato et haiciis etc. vocata Womberhull' et ii acris in Wertheeswrth facta per Johannem filium Johannis Archer reddendo per annum iis iii) Of ys ys drawn Latin, parchment, 91/4 x 43/4 ins.