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Gift with warranty from Emma daughter of Roger le Warner of Toneworth' to Henry de Sydenhale of two parts of a messuage once belonging to Robert le Bere in Toneworth' which the grantor recovered against Margery le Warner by assise of novel disseisin at Nunneeton'; also a third part of the said messuage which the said Margery, widow of Henry le Warner, held in dower and which after her decease should descend to the grantor by the gift of Roger her brother; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee; with the further quitclaim to the said Henry of all her right in the lands and tenements which belonged to Roger le Warner her father and Henry her brother in Toneworth'. Witnesses: Sir John de Dene knight, Richard de Folewod', Thomas Durvassal, William de Belne, Roger Geryn, Richard Geryn, Walter Brun, Nicholas de Swanesdich, Simon de la Heth', William de Folewod' clerk and others. Seal on tag, circular, white. ?A dolphin. Legend: SIGILLV Latin, parchment, 91/4 x 4 ins.