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Agreement whereby Margery widow of John le Archer of Thanewrth' and John son of the said John undertake to submit themselves to the judgment of Master William le Archer concerning their marriages, and their lands, rents and possessions. In return for his services the said William shall have for life all the land which belonged to Walter son of John Gilbard, with woods and meadows, (but committing no waste in the said woods) and the park which belonged to William de Chelvercot'; and the said William may also acquire what lands he is able in Thanewrth' and give the same to the said Margery and John of one of her sons or daughters for life, after whose death the land so acquired will pass to the said Margery and John and their heirs. Dated at Thanewrth', Tuesday next after the feast of St Nicholas 1299. Tag and seal lost. Endorsed: Endentura inter Margeretem nuper uxorem Johannis Archer et Johannem filium dicti Johannis et magistrum Willelmum Archer ex altera etc. anno moccixxiii xixo. Anno Edwardi primi xxviio Latin, parchment, 9 x 41/2 ins., indented