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Lease with warranty from Margery late the wife of Thomas Durvassal lord of Spernovere and Thomas their son to Robert de Sydenhale of Thoneworth' of all the lands and tenements which belonged to Robert de la Fenne in Thoneworth' except the messuage which Henry le Cartere holds in the said vill; to hold the same for life rendering annually 3s 4d for the first eight years and 100 shillings thereafter; and should the said Robert die within the said term of eight years then the property to remain to his heirs until the expiration of the same, with reversion to the said Margery and Thomas. Witnesses: John le Archer, John de Middelmor, John de Bartone, Robert de Folewode, Richard Aleyn of Thoneworth' and others. Dated at Thoneworth', Sunday next after the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 2 Edward III. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Margeria Durvassall et Thomas filius eius [SA] Latin, parchment, 10 x 41/4 ins., indented.