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Gift with warranty from Margery le Archer of Taneworth' widow of John le Archer of Taneworth' and John her eldest son to William son of the said Margery of a messuage in Taneworth' with a croft, garden, curtilage and three arable fields with all appurtenances, together with the land which William Waring' once held in Pirihul and the field called Monecroft, with adjoining meadows, one of which is called Longemedwe and lies in length between the land called Lollingham and the meadow called Le Queggemedwe; and which said messuage Hugh de Pirihul once held and lies between the messuage of William Broun and the grantor's land called Mayzecroft in length. Of the three aforementioned fields, one is called Huchennshetcroft and lies between the land of Henry de la Sponne and the land of Robert Wattin with meadow adjoining, and the other two are called Hickelondus Willing' and lie in length between the land of Robert de Folewode and the highway leading towards the church of Taneworth' with meadow adjoining; to hold the same of the said Margery during her lifetime, rendering annually 2 pence (2 terms). Witnesses: Richard de Folewode, Simon le Archer, John atte Berne, William Broun, Henry atte Sponne and others. Dated at Taneworth', Monday next after the feast of St Augustine, 2 Edward II. Tag i only; tag ii and both seals lost. Endorsed: Margaret Archer dedyt consensu Johannis Archarr' unum messuagium et Tonworth. Latin, parchment, 103/4 x 41/2 ins.