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Gift and restoration from Master William le Archer to John son of John le Archer of all the lands and tenements which he holds for life by the demise of the said John in Toneworth', with homages, wardships, reliefs, escheats, suits of court and other services, save an annual rent of 30 shillings which he was accustomed to receive from the free tenants of the said John, in return for all the land which the said John holds by the gift of the said William in Overton' Sauceo. The said John agrees to restore to William a messuage and virgate of land in Overton' Saucee as the right of Isabella, sister of the said William, who holds it of him for life by his gift. When John has restored these to William, he will be allowed 10 shillings from the said rent of 30 shillings, and William will be content to receive the remaining 20 shillings. If the said John does not return the said lands, then the rent of 30 shillings will remain to the said William and Isabella. Witnesses: Richard de Folewode, Richard Wystan, William Lucas, John de Stapelton', John de Middelmor clerk and others. Dated at Toneworth', Saturday next after the feast of St Ambrose, 8 Edward II. Seal on tag, oval, red. An arrow between a star and a crescent moon. Legend: S' WILL Endorsed: Carta facta de Overton' et de Toneworth' per magistrum Willelmum Archer fratris Isabelle Johanni filio Johannis Larcher, anno Edwardi iid viiio. Latin, parchment, 91/2 x 4 ins., indented.