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Gift with warranty from William le Hende of Toneworth' to Robert de Sydenhal' of the same and Juliana his wife of an acre of land which the grantor had by the demise of Adam de Bentford' in the said vill, extending from the highway leading from the mill of Bentford' towards Henleye as far as the close of the earl of Warwick; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Henry de Sydenhal', Roger Geryn, Robert de Folwode, Robert de Crowenhale, John called le Cu of Aspleye and others. Dated at Toneworth', Tuesday in the feast of St Mathew, 10 Edward II. Seal on tag, circular, white, incomplete and defaced. Endorsed: Carta Willelmi le Hende facta Roberto de Sydenhale de una acra terre quam nuper fuit Ade de Beneford iacentem iuxta clausum comitis et viam ducentem versus Benford myll, anno Edwardi filii regis Edwardi xmo Latin, parchment, 8 x 31/4 ins.