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Lease with warranty from John le Archer to Simon son of Simon le Archer of a field called Le Stockynge as enclosed by hedges and ditches in a field called Whetedysch'; to hold the same of the said John for 24 years rendering annually 3s 4d (2 terms), the said Simon having the right to cut down and carry away all trees growing on the said land except the free trees (liberis arboribus). Witnesses: William Wodard, John de la Lee, William de Folewode, Robert Crowenhale, Richard Wystan and others. Dated, Tuesday on the feast of St Alphege, 2 Edward III. Seal on tag, circular, white, heraldic. A lion rampant debruised by a shield of arms: a ?martlet in chief, ?three scallops in fees, three arrowheads pointing downwards in bass. Legend: S' SIMONIS LE ARCHER Latin, parchment, 101/2 x 5 ins., indented.