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Lease with warranty from William Tenery of Longe Eyton' to William Wodart of Toneworth' and John de Folewode of a field of land and meadow called Palmeresfeld' lying in Toneworth' between Pratteslone and the land which Margery Tove held; to hold to the said William and John for their lives, rendering annually during the life of the said William one peppercorn, and thereafter, should the said John so long live, 6s 8d (2 terms). Witnesses: Henry de Sidenhale, Simon Larcher, John atte Lee, Richard Aleyn, William atte Birches and others. Dated at Toneworth', Sunday before sChristmas, 5 Edward III. Two seal on tag, circular, white. A hare. Legends: Defaced. Endorsed: Dimissio a terme de vie de Palmeresfeld in Toneworth', facta Willelmo Wodart de eadem et Johanni Fulwode per Willelmum Tenerey Latin, parchment, 81/4 x 43/4 ins., indented.