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Quitclaim from Thomas Russel of Tanewrth' to John le Archer of a furlong (culturam) in Tanewrth' with a meadow, hedges and other appurtenances lying in length and breadth between the land of Richard de Folewode, the land of Notehurst and the road leading from the house of Richard de Folewode towards the church of Notehurst called le Smalelone; and for this the said John gives 20 shillings and has released the said Thomas from an annual rent of 20d which he used to pay to him. Witnesses: William de Barnevile, Richard de Folewode, John Wodard, Walter de Cherlecot', Walter the chaplain and others. Seal on tag, circular, white. A star of six points. Legend: S' THOME RUSSELL. Endorsed: i) Carta Roscel', Toneworth ii) copied [SA] iii) sans date iv) This deed was shewed forth unto William Knight at the tyme of his examynacion taken at Henly in Arden the xxvth day of September 1640 before us, William Barnes, John Parsons. Latin, parchment, 7 x 23/4 ins.