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Gift from John Skyl of Toneworthe to William le Archer clerk and the heirs of John le Archer of a piece of meadow lying between the grantor's land and the land of the said William formerly belonging to Walter son of John Gilbard which meadow the said John le Archer gave to the grantor in exchange for another piece of meadow lying between the land of the grantor and the stream running into the fishpond (vinarium) of Chelvercot'; to hold the same to the said William for life, and then to the heirs of the said John le Archer; with a quitclaim from the said John Skyl to William le Archer of any rights of chief lordship over the said meadow. Witnesses: Simon le Archer, John atte Berne, William Broun, William Herberd', John Fabro, Elias Tappyng, John Wyston and many others. Dated at Toneworthe, Friday next after the feast of St Dunstan 27 Edward I. Fragment of white, oval seal on tag, defaced. Endorsed: Johannes Skyl relaxavit Willelmo le Archer clerico iacen iuxta rivulum currentem in Cherlecote Pole quod dictum fuerat in escambium etc., anno Edwardi xviio Latin, parchment, 9 x 4 ins.