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Gift with warranty from William le Archer clerk to John son of John le Archer of the land and tenement which William de Barnevill' once held for life from the inheritance of the said John in the vill of Overton' Saucee, except a third part of the wood with mine (minera) which Margery mother of the said John holds in dower in the said vill; also the land which Master William le Archer holds for life in the said vill of Isabella le Archer, with reversion to the said Isabella on the death of the said William; also the land which the grantor acquired in pieces from Roger le Coylle, William Hathewy and the heirs of Agnes le Gru; also the custody of the land of the heir of John son of Robert de Petto, until the said heir comes of age, save the marriage of the said heir, with the provision that should the heir come of age while the said Master William is still alive, he will pay to the said John each year the value of the lands by the view of worthy men. For this the said John gives to the said Master William in exchange the land which he holds in Taneworth', to hold to the said William for life with husbote and heybote, with reversion to the said John on William's death. Should Margery mother of the said John die during the life of the said William, the lands which she holds in dower will pass to the said William for life, he making an allowance to the said John by the view of worthy men. Witnesses: Henry de Sudenhale, John Wodard', Richard de Fulwode, Simon le Archer, Walter Broun of Taneworth', William Gylle, John Lucas and John de Petto, John Cosin and others. Dated at Overton' Saucee, Monday on the morrow of Whitsun 32 Edward I. Seal on tag, circular, green. A stag passant. Endorsed: Endentura enter magistrum Willelmum Larcher et Johannem filium et heredem Johannis Archer et Margerie matris eius, anno Edwardi primi xxxiid Latin, parchment, 93/4 x 43/4 ins., indented.