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Demise with warranty from John Larcher of Thoneworth' to Brother Thomas Larcher prior of the hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England, and his kinsman, Nicholas Larcher of all his manor in Thoneworth', with all lands, tenements, meadows, pastures, paths and feedings etc., rents, customs, suits of court, liberties warrens, wards, reliefs, marriages and escheats, together with all which should fall to the said John on the death of his mother, on the death of Master Willia Larcher, of William Larcher brother of the said John and of Katherine Larcher, his sister; to hold of the said John and his heirs for the lives of the said Thomas and Nicholas, rendering him due and customary service as chief lord; and should the said Nicholas die within the lifetime of the said Thomas, then the latter shall have the right to choose another in his place; and should the said Nicholas outlive the said Thomas, then he shall retain the manor for life rendering annually to the grantor or his heirs £40, with reversion to the said John on the deaths of the lessees. Witnesses: Master Richard Berard, William Larcher, Robert Mile, Henry de la Legh', William Blankfront, Thomas de Ernescote, Ralph de Alrewych' and many others. Dated at Melcheburn', Sunday next before the Nativity of St John the Baptist, 14 Edward II. Two seals on tag: i) circular, brown, armorial. On a shield three arrows, the whole within a cusped border. Legend: ------- L'ARCHER. ii) circular, brown, armorial. On a shield three arrow-heads. Legend: Obliterated. Endorsed: Inter Archer priorem sancti Johannis etc. et Johannem Archer indentura. Latin, parchment, 103/4 x 8 ins., indented. Damaged.