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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture dated 1st February 1839 between Robert Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire, esquire of one part and Richard Smith of Snitterfield, esquire of the other part whereby an annual rent charge of £7-17-1 1/2 charged upon the Wolds Estate (made upon the dropping of any of the said lives of £6-3-4 rent charge, being an apportioned part of another rent charge of £9-9-0 awarded to the Earl of Coventry in lieu of tithes, and also of two chief rents of £1-3-6 and 10/31/2 all issuing out of the Wolds) all of which were then payable by Richard Smith as owner in fee simple of the Wolds to Robert Philips as Lord of the Manor of Snitterfield were released by the said Robert Philips to Richard Smith in fee simple in consideration of the release by Richard Smith of a rent charge payable to him by Robert Philips of £1-17-6 and thereby extinguished. Signed: Robert Philips. Seal, letter H. Witnesses: Thomas Umbers, solicitor, Stratford-upon-Avon and John Reid.