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Copy Will of William Denston of Warwick, clerk bequeathing unto his son John Denston, clerk £100 together with such of my books as my daughter shall not make use of. To his grandson, John Denston and his granddaughter, Henrietta Denston £50 each (if either shall die before reaching 21 years then to Elizabeth Denston). Devising to Elizabeth Denston, his daughter and to Edward Lee of Newbold Comyn and to Joseph Lee of Warwick, maltster the sum of £100 upon trust to apply the same in clothing, maintaining and apprenticing both, or if one died, then the other of his grandchildren John and Henrietta (if both died in trust for Elizabeth Denston). Residue of his real and personal estate (including Snitterfield property) to Elizabeth Denston. Elizabeth Denston and Joseph Lee appointed Executors. Signed by Testator in the presence of Martha Holliock, Lydia Holliock and W. Wilson. Proved at London 26th August 1761. William Legerd, Henry Stevens and John Stevens, Deputy Registrars. 'Heath Farm'.