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Indenture of Release (Lease wanting) dated 30th April 1762 between Elizabeth Denston of the Borough of Warwick, spinster of the 1st part, Bernard Gery, apothecary and Thomas Hawkes, tallow chandler of the 2nd part and William Pear, apothecary of the 3rd part (all of the Borough of Warwick) whereby all that messuage tenement and farm house situate at the Heath in the Parish of Snitterfield formerly in the occupation of John Harvey and then of John Essell, also those closes of inclosed ground and Heath ground to the said messuage belonging formerly 14 closes but then of late 11 only in number formerly also in the occupation of as aforesaid. All of which lands and property were by William Denston, clerk, deceased in and by his last Will Testament devised to the said Elizabeth Denston, his daughter, her heirs and assigns was conveyed to the persons of the 2nd part in trust for the said Elizabeth Denston her heirs etc. in fee simple for her separate estate notwithstanding coverture, and thereafter in trust for her devisee or appointee and in default of such in trust for all the children of the said Elizabeth Denston by the said William Pear in tail as Tenants in Common and in default of such issue in trust for Elizabeth Denston and her heirs for ever. Signed: Elizabeth Denston, Bernard Gery, Thio Hawkes and William Peare. Seal: crowned lion rampant. Witnesses: John Denston, William Wilson and John Waring. 'Heath Farm'.