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Indenture dated 9th December 1788 between Henry Jackson of Stareton in the Parish of Stoneleigh, gentleman of the 1st part, Abraham Beer of Bubnal [Bubbenhall], yeoman of the 2nd part, Richard Chattock of Solihull, gentleman of the 3rd part and Hugford Hassall of Solihull, esquire of the 4th part whereby in consideration of the sum of £980 paid by Richard Chattock to Abraham Beer and in consideration of 5/- paid to Henry Jackson by Hugford Hassall the residue of the mortgage term of 500 years upon trust and for Richard Chattock to attend upon the inheritance. Signed: Henry Jackson, Abram Beer, Richard Chattock and Hugford Hassall. Sealed. Witnesses: Francis Soden, William Steel Hayes and Robert Wagstaff.