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Snitterfield Solihull


Copy Will of Richard Chattock dated 21st November 1815 whereby he charged the property described in DR38/325 with annuities of £20 each to his two grandsons Richard and Charles Chattock until they arrived at the age of 21 years and £500 to each of them also so charged if and when they reached the age of 23 years. He devised to his son Thomas Chattock and his heirs the estate at Snitterfield described in DR38/325 subject to the above and charged with the payment of £2000 by the said Testator agreed to be paid to the Trustees of the Settlement made previous to the marriage of his daughter Anne Mary with George Wakefield. The Testator also devised lands in the Parish of Solihull to Thomas Chattock. Signed by the Testator. Witnesses: William Lewis, John Clarke and John Powell junior.